Our BIOPHARMA team works with you daily to ensure your goods are delivered safely and in compliance with distribution best practices.

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Reagents
  • Scientific equipment
  • Medicines and active ingredients

  • Single-use equipment
  • Clinical trials
  • Veterinary products
  • Medical samples

Our service

Each consignment transported is subject to a prior risk assessment. Our company is GDP COMPLIANT, an assurance of quality, and we carry out regular, strict controls on our subcontractors to ensure compliance with distribution best practices.

Key points

  • Pharmaceuticals and urgent goods in international transit
  • Pharmaceuticals hub located at the heart of Paris CDG Airport
  • GDP-compliant, compliance with best practices
  • Real-time temperature monitoring
  • Single-use medical and laboratory equipment
  • Medical preparations, laboratory reagents
  • Clinical trials
  • Biological products

Our undertakings

Our Biopharma department teams work with international laboratories to provide appropriate solutions in line with distribution best practices (laboratory equipment, controlled temperature, insulated packaging…).

The transport of hazardous materials, including the transport of chemicals and temperature sensitive products, requires great attention.

Our pharmaceuticals hub is ideally located at the heart of the airport zone, offering optimized handling facilities : 145m2/170 pallets at +2°/+8°C 180m2/240 pallets at +15°/+25°C with real-time temperature monitoring and feedback. Controlled-temperature goods are stored securely, with an alarm in operation 24 hours a day.

Quarantine zones are set up in the event of a problem

We provide qualified packaging solutions for a controlled temperature at all times.

  • Biological substance (UN3373) packaging
  • Dry ice
  • Temperature sensors,
  • Thermal protection covers
  • Insulated cartons and pallets ( -20°; +2 – +8°; +15 – +25°)
  • Envirotainer hire