Brexit : what is the situation today ?

On January 1, 2021, Brexit came into effect. The UK has therefore left the European Union. By becoming a third country again, customs formalities between France and the United Kingdom are re-established.

Companies moving their goods have had to adapt: ​​new import-export declarations, customs control, additional duties and taxes ….

So, what is the status of this agreement a few months after its implementation?

The finding is unsurprising. The health crisis combined with Brexit has had an impact on foreign trade between the UK and the EU. The latter recorded a drastic drop in its trade balance:

– Exports of goods fell 19.3% to 5.3 billion pounds due to a drop of almost 41% in exports to the EU.

– Imports of goods fell 21.6% in January, due to a 2.9% plunge in purchases of goods from the EU.

Also, the British authorities announced that the control measures on certain goods from the European Union would not come into force before 2022 to give companies time to adapt and negotiations remain to be carried out in many areas. ; remember the long queue for trucks to be able to embark for France in Dover in mid-December 2020.

Even though the figures do not reflect the post-Brexit EU-UK relationship and freight volumes, London believes the normal level was restored in early February.

PROLOG has been able to adapt to these hazards by anticipating health control measures and the resulting friction.
A few months later, we can consider that our long preparation was a success, that we have coped with it, and that we now have a reliable and recognized inspection and customs clearance service in the heights of France.

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