Professional profile of Marie Lançon – Assistant to the Managing Director of PROLOG

A focus on Marie, assistant to Daniel Pachy, who joined Prolog in May 2021

Your typical day at work in a few words?

« I am the personal assistant to the Managing Director of Prolog, a real Swiss knife!

The position is all-encompassing, and as a real « all-rounder », it is everything I love!

I touch upon all the strategic subjects of the company’s business, in form and substance.Versatility and adaptability are the key skills.

My typical day is diverse and lively, and it is important to listen to peoples needs, be available and reactive, curious and flexible. »  

What are the values you share with Prolog?

« Trusting people, honesty and transparency, and being pragmatic in all matters. »

Why did you join Prolog?

« The perspective of forming close ties with a smart and dynamic business owner, who is caring and ambitious, like the people working with him.

The possibility of changing jobs while staying in the same field I love and know – a great advantage!

To be able to use my 20 years of experience, especially in the freight forwarding industry, to support an up-and-coming young company.

Professional work colleagues, who are engaged and motivated, in all of the company’s offices.

And meeting with Daniel Pachy, of course! It was important for me to to know how to listen to my instinct to develop a professional relationship, especially in such a veritable duo!”

Your motto?

There are even two!

« Be yourself; everyone else is already taken » Oscar Wilde

« As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry