The PROLOG story

The story of PROLOG is first and foremost that of a respected professional and his son.

The long experience of a recognized figure in Marseille’s forwarding community, Jean-Pierre Pachy and his son, Daniel, an engineering graduate of France’s Grandes Ecoles, joining together to found a company.

“PROLOG is a coming together of experience
and ambition.”

The name PROLOG was chosen to underline the fact that, at the company’s core, is a group of Professionals from the fields of Logistics and international freight forwarding.

Indeed, right from the company’s founding, Jean-Pierre PACHY surrounded himself with a small number of long-serving, trusted and highly competent colleagues.

The company quickly grew through the second half of the 2010s to become an SME with a staff of nearly 50 and 6 branch offices in France.

Today, PROLOG is able to operate anywhere in France and in any transport mode configuration, while always retaining a personal touch.

The company’s ongoing objective:

to be big enough to serve,
yet small enough to care.