Our values

We are CHIC


In our daily work, we are often called upon to handle shipments on behalf of competing clients and have access to their confidential business data.

We always act with integrity, and ethically, to safeguard the interests of all our clients without exception.

“integrity and ethics”


Our teams are taught to work in good faith and transparency in all our dealings with clients and with customs and health authorities.

To us, a reputation is more important than mere profits.

“probity and transparency”


Pragmatism and enterprise are important for us.

Our company believes its employees should be allowed the freedom to take initiatives to find the right solutions for our clients.

“pragmatism and resourcefulness”


In today’s world –and in tomorrow’s especially– creativity will be a deciding factor.

We are continually working to find ways of improving the services we offer even further through innovation.

“innovation and progress”